Sunday Services

Held at 10:45 AM

Children's Church 10:45 AM

Facebook LIVE at approximately 11:20 AM

 We welcome you to praise God with us each Sunday.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Come home to the love of the Lord.

Cameron, Texas 76520

Our faith community welcomes you, and your family. Join us every Sunday to worship, pray and learn.

Calling all 1st through 6th graders…

Pack your bags and grab your gear!
VBS 2021 is headed to present-day Israel where an
epic adventure of discovery awaits.
Discover amazing finds and exciting evidence that
proves biblical events were not just stories.
They really happened! At Destination Dig,
kids will unearth more than just dirt.
They’ll discover real-life archaeological finds
that have helped to uncover the truth about Jesus.

Cameron Community Vacation Bible School 2021
June 7 through June 11, 2021
Registration and Check-in Begins at 5:30pm
Program from 6:00pm –8:15pm
808 West 16th St. Cameron, Texas


Safety Policy in response to COVID-19

In order to stay safe and prevent the spread of the corona-virus, churches are encouraged to follow federal, state, and local guidance. Basic precautions include the following:

Wear a mask when entering and exiting the building

Grace Church will supply a mask if one is needed

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the church building
Maintain social distancing of 3 feet apart

Family members are asked to sit together as a group

Wednesday night Bible Classes are cancelled until further notice